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  • What is the lead time from fabrics arriving with you?
    We aim to process all fabrics recieved within 5 working days we do not include the day of delivery within this time frame as some fabrics will not arrive with us until 5pm and these will not got opened until the following day.
  • Do I need to insure my fabrics against loss or damage?
    If you are regularly sending fabrics to us then we would advise taking out your own carriage insurance. We do not provide insurance for this as we are rarely told the value of the fabrics and would require this information in order to insure the goods.. We do offer insurance via UPS for onward carriage and this is charged at 1% of the value of the goods. In terms of treatment whilst we take extreme care of your fabrics, mistakes can happen and fabrics are treated entirely at the customers own risk.
  • Will you provide a certificate that the fabric has been treated?
    We provide an indicative test certificate to state that from our own in house testing, the fabric having been treated by us will now pass the standard required for its intended use. In the vast majority of the cases this is sufficient for our customers, however on rare occasions we are asked to send fabrics off for official UKAS testing and we can provide pricing on request.
  • Can I use a Schedule 3 Interliner?
    For Domestic Upholstery you can use a Schedule 3 Interliner if the composition is 75% natural fibres or more. Natural Fibres are Cotton, Modal, Flax, Silk, Viscose, and Wool. These can be upholstered with a Schedule 3 Interliner without the need of treatment. The fabric must also pass the cigarette test. Fabrics can be FR treated to pass the cigarette and match test and then do not require an interliner. For Commercial Upholstery (Crib 5) the fabrics will always require treatment, in some circumstances where the fabrics are 100% synthetic and depending on the weave the fabric will require treatment and the use of a schedule 3 Interliner in order to pass the composite test.
  • Can you treat synthetic fibres for Contract Curtaining?
    The treatment for curtains involves impregnating (soaking) the fabric in the FR chemical, natural fibres makes this achievable and the more natural fibres there are provides a better performance. We advise that as a bare minimum you will need at least 30% natural fibres in order to get the chemical into the fabric. Anything less than 30% natural fibres we are unable to treat and more importantly wont pass for Contract Curtains.
  • What information do I need to provide to place an order?
    In all circumstances we require orders in writing by email, and always equire the following infomation. Invoice Details- Company Name and Address & Contact Details Delivery Address Fabric Supplier - Fabric Description (Name and/or Code) Composition (If it is a Velvet Please also indicate) Quantity Treatment Required (If unsure please specify the usage)
  • Minimum Order Charge
    Minimum Order Charge per cut of fabrric and per treatment is £25.00. Multiply the metreage by the price per metre relevant to the treatment required. If that figure is below £25.00 then the minimum order charge applies. If we were sent 100 metres in 2m cuts then this would be £25.00 x 50. This is due to the time required not just to treat but also unpack, book in, sort and then pack each individual cut.
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